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About our Lead Designer – Omar G. Alcid. Performed the duties and responsibilities of a Fire Protection Engineer, Fire Alarm and Suppression Division Manager and Contracts Management Group Manager. Over and above the standard duties and responsibilities of a Fire Protection Engineer, other duties performed were: development of department’s organizational structure; interview and selection of Fire Protection Engineers and Quantity Surveyors; development of department’s objectives, goals, strategies, work standards, budget (departmental), methodologies, schedules and operational concerns. I also directly supervised and monitored a staff of ten engineers perform varied duties and responsibilities including but not limited to quantity surveying, preparation of tender documents, bidding and award, contracts administration, procurement, project scheduling, project monitoring and reporting (budget and progress), project design and miscellaneous duties.    Further, I have also performed duties and responsibilities of a Project Manager that includes monitoring of engineers engaged in designing various structures and systems such as electrical, plumbing, HVAC, fire protection. For types of fire protection systems designed, estimated, and project managed.

Review of Contractor Specification, Designs and Installation Drawings
associated with.

…list of projects and experience:

Yard Fire Protection Water Supply Loop and Hydrant System Water Storage Tanks & Interconnects. Fire Pumps ((Electric, Diesel and Pressure Maintenance (Jockey) Pumps)). CO2 Total Flooding Systems (Cross-Zone Detection). CO2 Local Application Systems (Cross-Zone Detection). Pre-Action Water-Spray Systems (Double Interlocked). Deluge (Dry-Pilot) Water-Spray Systems. Wet-Pipe Sprinkler Systems. Dry-Pipe Sprinkler Systems. Water-Mist Systems (Cross-Zone Detection). Standpipe Systems. Fire Alarm & Detection System (Power Island – CYE10, Intelligent System). Interconnection to Egatrol Interconnection to Turbotrol Fire Alarm & Detection System (Balance of Plant – CYE11,  Intelligent System). Initiate, Develop and Issuance of Field Service Instructions (FSI’s), Design Change Requests (DCR’s) and Non-Conformance Reports (NCR’s). Assist the Lead Civil, Project Technical Manager and Project Manager with Fire Protection related items with the Client, ANP and PG&E Representatives. Liaison with the Prime Fire Protection Contractor and Alstom Power throughout project installation. Address Request For Information (RFI) from Site, Contractors and Client. Site visitations to monitor and address installations and initiate corrective actions. Constant review of all project documentation and correspondence to ensure compliance with The Explosion Protection and Fire Protection Concepts, Contract Documents with the Client.

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